SwiftUI Tutorials: View Modifiers

View Modifiers
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    View Extensions for Better Code Readability

    You probably already know you can use ViewModifier and custom Views to encapsulate some of that code. And although that helps, today we will talk about a slightly different way of reusability, that can lead to even more readable code: extensions to the View protocol.

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    SwiftUI's ViewModifier

    A guide to creating your custom modifier

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    ViewModifiers in SwiftUI

    ViewModifiers play a significant role in SwiftUI. Most of the functions called on a View are ViewModifiers. It is the primary way of modifying the view instance in SwiftUI. In this post, we will take a look at some ready to use ViewModifiers, and then we will build our own custom ViewModifier.

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    How to create custom modifiers

    If you find yourself constantly attaching the same set of modifiers to a view – e.g., giving it a background color, some padding, a specific font, and so on – then you can avoid duplication by creating a custom view modifier that encapsulates all those changes

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