SwiftUI Tutorials: Gestures

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    Gestures in SwiftUI

    SwiftUI has a powerful and easy to use approach in building Gestures. Today we will talk about how we can use gestures in SwiftUI. We will touch special GestureState Property Wrapper which is very similar to State but works only with gestures. Finally, we will build swipeable Tinder cards as a sample project.

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    How to create a slide-over card using SwiftUI (like in Maps or Stocks)

    A common UI pattern in iOS apps is a card of content that slides up over other content, either minimised or at half-screen or full-screen positions. [...] Here’s an example of how to implement that type of floating panel using SwiftUI.

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    Setting up Gestures in SwiftUI [3:41]

    A short tutorial on how to set up a basic drag gesture and animate based on events.

    YouTube - DesignCode
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    SwiftUI on watchOS [30:52]

    See how easy it is to create custom elements with animations, embed gesture-driven animations within notifications, and learn about the enhanced debugging support to make watchOS app development faster than ever.