SwiftUI Example Projects

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    Tasks is simple ToDo app developed using SwiftUI which having features like Add,Delete,Rearrange and send notification based on data and time provided for each tasks.

    GitHub - @shankarmadeshvaran
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    Recreation of calculator-checklist project in SwiftUI

    GitHub - @xtabbas
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    MovieSwiftUI is an application using the MovieDB API built with SwiftUI.

    GitHub - @Dimillian
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    A Currency Converter & Calculator IOS application to check, convert and calculate to popular currencies to your favorite ones.

    GitHub - @CurrencyConverterCalculator
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    An example to-do list app using SwiftUI which is introduced in WWDC19

    GitHub - @devxoul
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    SwiftUI Examples

    Examples projects using SwiftUI & Combine.

    GitHub - @ivanvorobei
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    Reddit SwiftUI

    A cross-platform Reddit client built in SwiftUI

    GitHub - @carson-katri
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    A Weather app in SwiftUI.

    GitHub - @bpisano
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    Improves upon the original Weather app using SwiftUI. It allows users to call up the current weather and daily forecast for a particular location using the Dark Sky API.

    GitHub - @bobbyconti
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    Little project that fetches a list of companies, sort them by their share price and can show its details on a separate view.

    GitHub - @illescasDaniel
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    Simple Todo application that uses SwiftUI and Firebase (Authentication, Cloud Firestore)

    GitHub - @sgr-ksmt
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    šŸŽØ SwiftUI version is available as beta šŸ‘¶

    GitHub - @toshi0383
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    Sample iOS project built by SwiftUI + Redux(ReSwift) and Combine framework using GitHub API

    GitHub - @kitasuke
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    All of Apple's SwiftUI tutorials in one easy download.

    GitHub - @danielctull
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    SwiftUI 2048

    A 2048 game writing with SwiftUI.

    GitHub - @unixzii
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    SwiftUI + CoreData & iCloud AutoSync Project

    GitHub - @iDara09
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    Minimum implementation and execution result to each api in SwiftUI

    GitHub - @kazuhiro4949
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    SwiftUI - UIControls

    SwiftUI-UIControls is a demo of all the different ways to use and customize UIControls in SwiftUI.

    GitHub - @SudSharma
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    One of the biggest idea for having MVVM is that most of data flow can be testable. Data binding in view layer by SwiftUI is awesome. However, this project has view model layer to make it testable as much as possible.

    GitHub - @kitasuke
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    A contacts app built using SwiftUI! Scroll through a dynamic list of contacts, bring up detail views with contact info, and mark contacts as favorites!

    GitHub - @bobbyconti
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      SwiftUI Experiment - Shows a list of beers fetched from Punk API, includes detail view for each beer

      GitHub - @crelies
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      SwiftUI and Combine based GitHubSearch example.

      GitHub - @marty-suzuki
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      Basic Unsplash client for iOS made with SwiftUI (beta).

      GitHub - @donbytyqi
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      Tube Status

      Tube Status is a demo app using SwiftUI and Combine to fetch London Underground status.

      GitHub - @clarenceji
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      GitHub - @artemnovichkov
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        SwiftUI Demo

        UI demo based on Swift 3, Xcode 8, iOS 10

        GitHub - @PrashantMangukiya
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        šŸ“± An app fully written in SwiftUI showcasing beautiful design and animations.

        GitHub - @mythxn
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        Using SwiftUI to consume REST API with image data

        GitHub - @russell-archer
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        TodoMVC implemented in SwiftUI.

        GitHub - @ryanashcraft
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        Facebook Reactions in SwiftUI

        About 60 Lines. Iā€™d never guess you could do all that in so few lines. With those transitions and interruptible animations?

        dev.to - @fabiogiolito
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        An example Alarm-like app using SwiftUI which is introduced in WWDC19

        GitHub - @TaeJoongYoon
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        Unidirectional Reactive Architecture. This is a Combine implemetation of ReactiveFeedbback and RxFeedback.

        GitHub - @sergdort
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        Sign in with Apple in SwiftUI

        Apple's example project for Sign in with Apple is built with UIKit. In this project, I wrapped the button and the behaviour that goes with it in a SwiftUI component.

        GitHub - @Q42
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        A very naive implementation of Redux using Combine BindableObject to serve as an example

        GitHub - @Dimillian
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        A habit tracker built using SwiftUI

        GitHub - @pmick
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        Example project of SwiftUI and Combine using MVVM architecture pattern.

        GitHub - @PPacie
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        SwiftUI MovieDB prototype app built with Xcode 11 Beta & macOS 10.15 Catalina

        GitHub - @alfianlosari
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        Flux enables us to have unidirectional data flow and make it testable. It's used to be implemented using RxSwift or ReactiveSwift in the past, but I use Combine this time. This is an experimental project using SwiftUI + Flux.

        GitHub - @kitasuke
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        Simple app to show usage of SwiftUI and Combine

        GitHub - @albertopeam
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        SwiftUI Time Travel

        An experimental time traveling state store for SwiftUI

        GitHub - @timdonnelly
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        Simple card stack implemented with SwiftUI.

        GitHub - @insidegui
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        SwiftUI Ice Cream Demo App

        Just a simple app to get familiar with SwiftUI.

        GitHub - @rodi01
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          Package that implements an operation based multi-store Ć -la Flux for SwiftUI.

          GitHub - @alexdrone
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          A open source Swift app for iOS that allows you to check your NFC transit card information. Uses Core NFC and SwiftUI.

          GitHub - @robbiet480
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          SwiftUI Todo Redux app example using a React/Redux monolithic state store with flux like dispatch/reduce actions

          GitHub - @moflo
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          Form for providing credit card. Fully powered by SwiftUI.

          GitHub - @alexejn
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          SwiftUI Calculator

          A calculator app using SwiftUI

          GitHub - @hotchner
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